Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hero Arts Warehouse Sale

Last week while reading Jennifer McGuire's blog I decided to head over to Hero Arts site and see what they have to offer.  See, I'm the kind of crafter who purchases 90% of my supplies online and very rarely deviate from the companies I buy from, but I thought I'd browse and see just what they have.  I noticed a section in their shop called Warehouse Sale and was enticed.  A 'mystery box'...YES!    Not a bad idea for someone just wanting to sample a little of what they had to offer.  I choose to order the $25 Accessories box of goodies.

My order arrived yesterday!  Just like the description said - it was filled with gems, flowers, buttons, patterned paper, stamps and ink!

Here's what was included:
20 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 patterned paper
2 wood block stamps (100% Original and Enjoy the Moments)
2 Inks (Crushed Olive Distress Ink and Black Memories Dye Cube)
3 Fancy Felt Flowers (SpringSummer, Neutral)
2 Fancy Felt Buttons (Spring, Summer)
2 Art Buttons (Spring, Summer)
1 Flower Sequins
1 Floral Ribbon
2 3mm clear Gemstones
1 pack Gemstones
1/2 pack Floral envelopes
1/2 pack Floral cards
1/4 pack of Floral print flowers
1/2 pack of Floral mixed accents

That's a pretty great mystery box if you ask me.
I was hoping for a sample of their mid-tone inks, oh well.  I'll just have to order some to try them!

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