Monday, January 7, 2013

It's Your Day

I'm playing along with Papertrey Ink's Make It Monday challenge - that makes it two weeks in a row for me!  Nicole challenged us to make a card using one of the six color schemes she came up with.  I choose scheme number three because I felt the colors were more on the masculine side.  I find those type of cards harder to make and I need the practice.   Our nephew's birthday is at the end of the month,  this card would be great for him.

All supplies are from Papertrey Ink!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year, New Project (Life)!

Happy 2013!  I think it's going to take a while before I get used to not writing (or typing) 2012.  I'm not really one for New Year resolutions, but I do think it's a great time to start something new.  Hmm, isn't that what resolutions ARE?  Anyway, I wont put a title to it - I don't want the pressure.

I've decided to give a stab at Project Life.  I found Cathy Zielske's blog last year and have been stalking her on a regular basis.  When I read her blog I think she's talking to me (I'm not nuts, I know she's not).  After watching her Project Life tutorials and how to incorporate Photoshop Elements to create journals and graphics, I was sold.  My only computer was old, too small and very slow.  Her videos convinced me that I needed something bigger and better.  December 26 my new iMac was delivered.  Holy Moly, Batman!  Over the past week I have been learning a new operating system (my old laptop was a PC), documenting and taking pictures of life happenings and learning Photoshop Elements.  Whew, I'm tired.

I'm taking a pretty basic approach and following whatever Cathy does.  I like her style and love the designs she creates.  I've purchased a basic album,  a few photo pocket protectors, and downloaded a few of Cathy's templates from Designer Digitals.  Now, our life isn't all that exciting and we don't have my book may be thin - but heck, it's my book!