Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Peep Wreath

While strolling on Pinterest I saw a few people posted pictures of Peep Wreaths.  Too cute!  I had to jump right on that band wagon.  Granted, I'm not much of a Peep fan, but definitely think those little things are darn cute for use in decorations!  I knew I wanted to use the bunny shaped Peep for the wreath, but it appears there is a run of the yellow ones in my area.  Pink will do just fine!
Super easy, inexpensive project.  I'm not sure how much Peeps usually cost (again, I don't really eat them) but I was able to buy 12ct packs for $1.  I ended up using a little more than 4 packs.

I covered an 18 inch styrofoam wreath in 1 1/2 inch wide brown ribbon (I thought the brown would look good with the bunnies eyes). I had little paper flowers in my stash and placed them between the bunny sections.  The flower on top is actually hot pink but looks red the picture.  Quick, fun, easy wreath.  

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