Saturday, November 28, 2015

Beauty "Advent Calendars" (another year)

When you find something you enjoy creating and people seem to enjoy receiving, you just keep doing it - right?!  The beauty advent calendars I gifted to my sister and a dear friend were a huge hit last year (HERE).  I'm stepping up my game this year and adding my mother to the recipient list!  I actually had enough samples this year to make three complete advent calendars.  There was so much product that my crafting table was just too small for the group shot of all the items and I had to spread them out on my family room floor and get a photo from above.  I'm walking a fine line between being embarrassed and extremely proud of myself for the size of the pile.  I'll go with proud!

As I mentioned last year, the majority of these items are freebies.  You know, spend a bazillion dollars on candles, get a free travel size lotion (Bath and Body Works).  You may have noticed by the picture that some items in the pile aren't beauty related at all (Crown Royal - that would be for my sister) and I just added them for fun.  Can I keep this up each year?  Probably not.

I'm wrapping them pretty much the same way I did last year - a mixture of boxes made with my punch board, ones made from my gable box die, and wrapping some of the larger products in tissue paper.  The 25 Days stamp set from Stampin Up! (retired) is my go to for advents.  I also used this set on Jon's Beer Advent Calendar this year (HERE).  Home Goods to the rescue again for containers to hold everything.

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