Monday, July 27, 2015

Linen Closet Refresh (Non-Crafty)

The finished transformation!
I've mentioned before how much I dislike the wire shelving which came standard from our builder.  We are slowly updating the closets throughout the house, and are now onto the hall bath linen closet.  It's a small, basic, non-descript closet with five wire shelves.  We are fans of (see Our Kitchen Pantry OverhaulMom's Bedroom Closets) and started our search there.  The simplest design replacement would have cost just under $300.  Right now, that is out of my budget for a bathroom only used by occasional overnight guests.  I did some searching online and found this product called Renew  - they are shelf covers for wire shelving in kit form.  This is just down right GENIUS in my opinion!

There is a wide price range online for this product, so look around!  For example, Wayfair has them for $21.99 each,  Bed Bath Beyond has them for $26.99 and the Renew company site has them for $29.99.  However, I found HSN had 36 inch kits on a super duper clearance of only $6!  (The shipping was another story - the first kit shipping was $7.22 and each kit thereafter cost $3.60).
How ugly is this?!

The all-in price for the five shelves in the linen closet was $64.91!  Pretty remarkable.  After installing the first shelf, we got the hang of it and the rest moved along quickly.  I like this inexpensive, easy product!  This company sells a wide variety of lengths and finishes.  We chose the 36 inch wide kit in espresso.  I'm thinking this may also be the solution for our master bath linen closet and perhaps the guest bedroom as well!  Stay tuned!
Empty before
Nice and clean!

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