Thursday, August 28, 2014

Christmas Cards with a side of Canine Crisis

Our annual beach vacation to Ocean City, Maryland brought on way too much excitement and heartache for this crafter.  Four hours after we arrived at our pet friendly timeshare on Friday, our 9 year old Yorkshire Terrier was attacked by a much larger dog (an unprovoked Weimaraner).  Thankfully, my husband was there to save Piper (and did NOT get hurt in the process).  Since the event occurred after regular business hours, we rushed him to a Pet ER 30 miles away.  Our little guy required surgery to fix his multiple wounds.  Thankfully, he made it through and we were able to get him from the ER the next morning.  Piper was heavily sedated and required constant care - we were basically on lock-down at the beach condo until we could revisit the same vet on Tuesday.  We passed the time by watching Netflix movies and I started our Christmas cards!

A few years back I decided to make our cards each year versus purchasing them, and always found myself pressed for time to get them completed.  I knew I didn't want to rush this year, so I made a card kit for myself just in case we had a rain day and were stuck inside while at the beach...little did I realize.

I set myself up on the coffee table in the living room of the condo right beside Piper and knocked them out between medication doses, hand feeding and general tending.  Made good progress!

Tuesday we took Piper back to the ER for a checkup and have his wound drain removed.  They gave us the green light to head out of town.  We ALL were ready to leave and get back home.  Thursday we took him to our regular vet for a check up.  He's on the mend though he still has over a week before his staples can be removed.  This pup is tough and his caregivers are so very thankful!

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