Sunday, February 10, 2013

Disney World Map Coasters

My DH and I just returned from a quick trip to Florida.  I was in Miami for work from Tuesday until Friday, so Thursday night my DH flew down to meet me so we could go to Disney World for the weekend.  Now, THAT'S the way to wrap up a work trip.  We drove from Miami to Orlando on Friday and stayed until Tuesday.  My DH is the 'guide map keeper' on each of our Disney trips.  I am not sure he knows that is his title or not, but it seems he always picks up a park map and I never do.  Why would I need one....he always has one!

During our last trip in October I decided a new project would be to cover tiles with portions of the park maps and make them into coasters.  I started the first batch of coasters using tumbled marble tiles, which were very inexpensive at the local Home Depot.  I never put the final sealer on the tiles as I got sidetracked with some other crafting projects.  While we were in Disney last week, I remembered my unfinished coasters and decided to pocket more maps and attempt the process with regular glazed tile (which we had left over from when our house was built).

Here's how I did it for both types of tile:  I wiped down each tile with cleaner and waited for them to completely dry.  While waiting for them to dry I cut apart each park map.  Since the maps are folded at about 4 inches, I was limited to which section of the map could be placed on the tile.  I would have loved it if each park 'icon' (e.g. Cinderella's Castle in Magic Kingdom, The Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom, etc) were in the center of an unfolded section, but I wasn't so lucky.  After cutting down the sections of the maps I ended up with two square pieces to choose from for each map.  Next I applied a thin layer of decoupage glue to the backs of the maps and placed them onto the tile.  I then ran a thin layer along the edges to seal them.  I waited a few hours for the the tiles to completely dry.  After the tiles were dry I sprayed a coat of clear acrylic sealer onto each.  I waited 15 minutes between coats and ended up spraying about 4 coats total.  When the coasters were dry I added felt pads to the bottom.
I think I like the size of the tumbled marble coasters.  I'll probably give the second set away to our friends who love Disney World as much as we do!

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