Friday, October 5, 2012

Glitter Ornament Balls

I've been showing various pictures of the tea cart in our foyer and the displays I change out for each holiday and season (herehere and here).  Decorating with apothecary jars make it easy, quick and fun to change the theme each month.  One of the jars is usually filled with candy and one is always filled with these Glitter Ornament Balls.

Here's what you'll need to make these ornaments:
clear glass ornaments, glitter, Pledge Floor Finish
Remove the top of the ornament clip.  Pour a small amount of Pledge into the ball.  Swirl (don't shake) the Pledge around the entire inside of the ball.   Shaking the Pledge will cause bubbles and will not cover completely.  Empty remaining Pledge back into the bottle.  (I've been using the same bottle for dozens of ornaments and have only used a small bit).  Pour glitter into the ball and swirl it around, adding more glitter as needed to cover the entire inside.  Empty any extra glitter from the ball onto a folded piece of scrap paper (this glitter can be used for the next ball).  When finished, discard remaining glitter, do not return it to the bottle. Set the ornaments aside to dry before replacing the clip on top.   I use the original container the ornaments come in as a drying rack.  I love this technique because I love the look and the sparkle, but I don't like the mess of the glitter.


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