Friday, April 13, 2012

Jewelry For My KitchenAid

I came across this great DIY Blog "The House Of Smiths" about a month ago and discovered they sell all kinds of die cut vinyl at their online store.  Yes, I have a Cricut and could probably do this myself, but it was only $12 with the design already there and sized out perfectly for my mixer.  Lazy?  Maybe, but it just seemed too easy!

It was super simple to apply--I cleaned off my mixer so there wasn't any dirt or dust.  Then I figured out where the design would fit best on the mixer.  I placed a small piece of masking tape along the bottom of the image and the mixer to create a hinge point and keep the design in place prior to applying.  I flipped the side of the image that wasn't taped over and peeled away the backing paper.  The masking tape definitely helped keep the image in the same spot.  I placed the vinyl (with the transfer tape still on) on the mixer and used a credit card to rub over the image.  I peeled the transfer paper off and the vinyl was left on the mixer.  I smoothed everything out with my hands and voila!  Since the mixer is not that big of an area, it went very quickly.  CUTE!  I love the way the silver metallic looks with the gloss cinnamon mixer! 

I've done vinyl transfers in two other places of our home, including our foyer above the door and in our laundry room above the door which leads to the garage.  Never thought of adding to my mixer and I just love it!

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