Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My DH and I are Disney World fans freaks! Unlike most people I know, I did not visit Disney World as a child on a family vacation. Our time was spent at the Jersey shore :)  Actually, I am not even sure I knew Disney World existed when I was a child.

My DH and I made our first visit in 1999 and since have gone back 22 times. We are now proud Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members. Being members makes it possible to bring family and friends with us from time to time.  I love bringing people with us and showing them around and telling them things they never knew about Disney World.

We are good friends with another couple that we travel many places with frequently.  They just happen to be Disney fans freaks also. It's been over a year since the four of us went back to Disney World together (although we've been other places since). THIS is our year! I'm soooo excited. Because we go so often, we I try to change it up a bit for each trip. I like to do something special each time.

I was looking around on Etsy.com and found this shop One Great Thing. Cassi does great tie dye designs. I ordered us four shirts in the fall colors for our trip during the Food and Wine Festival. Check out Cassi's site. She's easy to work with and does custom orders.  

We were not sure how were were going to present the shirts to our friends.  Since they now live in another state we decided to mail them to them prior to our trip.  Hope they go for the four of us wearing them all at the same time!  My DH is a very good sport with this type of thing. I did ask him prior to ordering them.

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