Friday, July 1, 2011

Souvenir Jackpot

My husband travels a lot for work. When I say a lot, I'm really not kidding. He always thinks of me and brings me a little token from his travels. It is usually something like a Hard Rock Cafe pin or shirt, sometimes it's perfume from duty free. When he travels to Asia the gifts are usually jade jewelry.

Well, he was on a short trip this week to visit one of his customers. Yesterday, while I was at work, he sent me an email with a picture. As soon as I opened the odd picture, he immediately called me and said "check your email". The strange picture was what looked like a large shelf with all sorts crafts supplies just piled on it. I couldn't really pick out what was what.

He told me he was given access to his customer's employee store and was able to purchase whatever he wanted. (This customer of his sells all kinds of products, not just crafts.)

I litterly squeeled on the phone! At first he just started rattling off everything he could see asking me if I wanted it (talk about pressure). After a few minutes we both realized this conversation could go on for hours. I told him whatever he could get would be just dandy with me. I said "if you find something you've never seen in my craft room, just get it". Did I just say that?

He got home last night after midnight and I was asleep. The first thing I said when I woke up was "what did you get, what did you get". Well, wowza, oh my! What a stash. Everything here he purchased for around $20!!!!!

Not sure how to use most (all) of the items he purchased, but THAT will be my challenge.

I'm off now to scan the blogs and get some instructions :).

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