Sunday, April 3, 2011

Easter 'baskets' (tins)

We really enjoy hosting Easter for our family each year. I love the entire planning process of hosting. I try to find a way to give a little 'gift' to everyone.

I discovered at Halloween these little Tazo tea tin beauties make great containers for re-covering and giving candy treats. (I'll have to share my "Been Boo'd" kits sometime) I have a stash of these tins that is a tad out of control. Since I know I'm not going to stop enjoying my daily tea, I need to make room for more :). It's a win/win.

I will use the tins as and Easter "basket" and place setting for each person. Here's a pic of the supplies I used to recover each tin. (tin, score tape, patterned paper, ribbon, corner chomper. Not shown; a few scraps of solid paper that I use to cover the lid on the inside and out)

I also used my Cricut to cut an initial and label shape to be placed on the top of each tin. The tin with the "M" is the one I put together using the supplies in my first picture.

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